rawbychris granola We are incredibly excited to finally present you our granola range. Lovingly developed to nourish your mornings and fuel your afternoons, our granola is sort of unique. It is not only raw, vegan, made with organic ingredients and mildly sweetened. It is not only brightly colored to brighten up your mornings. But it is also made with hidden veggies!! We’re sneaky that way.

Best thing yet? There are three flavors in our granola range!

  • Berry Crush Granola. Hot red and crunchy, it is made with activated buckwheat, coconut flakes, beetroot, almods, goji berries, dates, chia seeds, apples, raspberries and cinnamon. We couldn’t fit any more goodness than that!
  • Matcha Fields Granola. Zesty and refreshing, it is made with luscious, nourishing greens (kale, matcha green tea and spirulina), activated buckwheat, coconut flakes, cashews, chia seeds, dates, pumpkin and sesame seeds, and our old time favorite combination of honey, lemon and ginger. Guaranteed to put that extra spring in your step.
  • Choc Bliss Granola made with nourishing, crisp pecans, activated buckwheat, coconut chips, linseed and chia seeds, dates and currants, a wonderful mix of cacao and carob powders, with extra cacao nibs. And to top all those nutritious ingredients, we added superfoods like maca and mesquite! And this is how chocolate granola becomes more than just chocolate granola.

Want to stock them? Email us at contact[at] We ship Australia wide.