Raw Community

The community we live in is very important to us and we try as much as possible to be an active part of it. We purchase from local farmers, donate food to charitable causes, take part in local charitable events and work with organisations to talk about the importance of growing, cooking and eating a healthy diet.

We do what we can, when we can and get our stockists and you, our customers, to join us. Read about current and past initiatives below.

In May 2016 Raw by Chris launched an ongoing local initiative ‘Lunch for Two’ in partnership with Manna Inc, in support of their efforts to feed the homeless.

13258920_547314232107877_1221688973_nManna volunteers cook ridiculous amounts of food every single day, with passion and dedication, and they donate that food to people without a home, people who go hungry every day, people who don’t have the means to feed themselves. Manna have been doing this successfully for over a decade, every day, 7 days a week, and we are hoping to further support them. By the cash register we now display a cute colorful donation tin. When you, our customers, come to lunch with us, you have the option of helping to feed another person. $5 dollars provides them with a 3 course, hot meal. We also put up the a little pin board on our shop wall where we invite you to leave a message, share your thoughts, show your appreciation. All donations are matched by RawbyChris.
To keep track of all our joint efforts, we will be using the #lunch42perth tag.

In May 2015, Raw by Chris joined forces with The Yoga Vine as part of an Australia wide movement, Yoga for Nepal, to raise funds to assist the recovery efforts in Nepal following the devastating earthquake. Yoga for Nepal

The Yoga Vine provided a very special intention-filled yoga class and Raw by Chris provided the much needed post workout treats. The event was a sell out success, with more than $1300 raised. All proceeds went to two organisations: Tents 4 Peace and The Global Women’s Project. As always, we are incredibly inspired by the wonderful efforts of those around us and always grateful to be part of such initiatives.

In May 2015 Raw by Chris joined forces with Green Goodness Co to fund raise much needed donations for the people affected by the Nepal earthquake.

Namaste for NepalGreen Goodness Co organised a beautiful outdoor yoga event, Bloom Yoga provided the healing yoga vibes and Raw by Chris provided much needed post workout treats. The event was a sell out success, with over $1200 in cash raised. All proceeds went directly to the disaster relief fund through NAWA (Nepalese Association of WA).

As always, we are incredibly inspired by the wonderful efforts of those around us and always grateful to be part of such initiatives.

Raw by Chris has been a proud supporter of the work of 100 Women for the past couple of years.100 Women

100 Women is the fastest growing giving circle in Perth aimed at donating large impact grants for women’s causes globally. Led by a group of incredible, inspiring women, all volunteers, 100 Women’s vision is to ignite women’s philanthropy to advance the empowerment of women worldwide. $120,000 or more a year injected into the community represents life changing opportunities for women.

Raw by Chris has donated food and catered for the various events, galas and fundraising activities of 100 Women. We are incredibly inspired by their efforts and grateful for the opportunity to support their work.

Raw by Chris is a proud sponsor of the very first, new and shiny mobile washstation! 

Vic Park Mobile WashstationBig thanks to the great bunch behind Vic Park Collective and big thumbs up to the other local businesses who supported the project and helped bring to life this resource for our community. We hope it will make a difference and inspire similar future initiatives. A planet with fewer disposable cups is a greener planet.

If you life in Vic Park or want to have the mobile washstation at a Vic Park event or if you want to volunteer to help run it at the Vic Park Farmers Market or the Vic Park TGIF Hawkers Market, get in touch with Vic Park Collective.

As part of the 2014 City to Surf event, the Kidspot Voices of 2014 bloggers competition and in the context of World Food Day, Anti Poverty Week and ending hunger, Raw by Chris focused all efforts towards fundraising for the homeless and 06struggling people of Perth. 

About 800 million people across the world go to bed hungry every single day and the numbers don’t refer solely to people struck by natural disasters or war. There are also less visible cases of daily undernourishment, daily hunger that affect many more people; roughly 90% of all cases. About a million in Australia too.

Raw by Chris has been one of Manna supporters since 2013. We purchase food items such as rice, beans, grains, pasta and other legumes, vegetables such as onions, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, leeks, oranges and anything else in season, donate the food to their kitchen coordinators where it is used to create hot meals that are later in the day shared with vulnerable people, with love, care and respect.

fuel your futureRawbyChris is a proud supporter of the Fuel Your Future project, a joint venture by Foodbank WA and Diabetes WA, funded by the Department of Health.

The program is committed to improving food literacy amongst youth aged 12 – 18 years, helping them make good food choices and providing them with the skills and confidence to make delicious, healthy, nourishing foods at home.

RawbyChris supported the launch of the project and contributed pro bono to developing the food photography used online, in the workshops and to promote the project in the community.

Food donationAs part of the 2014 HBF Run for a Reason event, Raw by Chris focused all efforts towards fundraising for the homeless and struggling people of Perth. 

There’s some shocking, sad statistics regarding the availability of food around the world. Over 800 million people do not have enough to eat. Not enough to live. With these numbers, it should not come as a surprise (yet it does) that hunger kills more people every single year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Developed countries and cities such as beautiful Perth are part of these statistics.

There are children, pensioners, entire families and people without a shelter, all in need of physical assistance and nourishment. For almost two decades, Manna Inc. has been providing that assistance with love, care, respect, smiles and hugs. To support their inspiring efforts, we purchased and donated much needed food items that they are using on a daily basis: WA carrots, WA potatoes, lots of whole canned tomatoes, beans, lentils, rice and pasta.

Congratulations to all 30,000 participants and charities involved. No matter your reason, you are all big winners for taking part in this momentous event.

black forrest cherry mini cakeFor each Rrraw by Chris Black Forest cherry mini cake sold throughout December 2013, a can of tomatoes will be donated to Manna Inc. to assist them in their efforts to feed the homeless and struggling people of Perth.

During the festive season many agencies that support the homeless close, some for up to six weeks. The agencies and organizations that remain open need to ensure those in need are still receiving a nutritious meal. That means that during the holiday season more meals need to be provided by those who already make a big effort to continue to work and volunteer throughout the holidays. Donations for food and money are needed to support the extra strain on their already tight budget.

This initiative is a joint effort of Rrraw by Chris and the stockists of this particular product. So far they are: Studio Bomba (Leederville), Harvest Espresso (Victoria Park) and Kettle Cafe (Lathlain). If you would like to further contribute, money is also needed to purchase rice, pasta and beans. You can make a donation even if you don’t purchase the product or you can make an extra donation when you make your purchase. Any amount makes a difference. Let us all share love, gratitude and food this Christmas.

rawrrraw by chris donationRrraw by Chris was one of the supporters of the 2013 High Tea at the Hyatt fundraising event held by Manna Inc on Sunday, November 10. Boxes of raw sweet treats were donated as part of the raffle held on the day and contributed to a wonderful day of elegance, fun, laughter, silent auctions, prizes and, of course, fundraising. The initiative was successful beyond the expectations of the organizers and helped put warm winter school uniforms on 160 children in Perth in need of them. A big thank you and congratulations to the organizers for the great day and good results.