Rrraw Ingredients

It’s what’s inside that matters.

The best quality local ingredients are used to create great tasting sweet treats.

Respect for people and the land.

We believe every business has a responsibility towards its community and the planet. Using ingredients that are organic, Fair Trade or sourced from local small family farms is our commitment. We source for the best ingredients, to give you the best nutrition and value for our products.

Organic ingredients are ingredients that are grown or raised the way they are supposed to.

Organic ingredients benefit you and the environment and we know they taste better. Organic is great but it does not always come with a label. Sometimes farmers with sustainable practices are not certified organic. We source our ingredients making decisions ingredient-by-ingredient, keeping the big picture in mind.

The less distance food has to travel, the better for the environment.

We do as much as we can to try and source as much as possible from local farms and suppliers, when available. As much as possible, we try not to use trendy, exotic ingredients. Instead, we focus on making natural blends using great local ingredients. It does not only reduce the carbon footprint, but ensures you get fresh sweets made with quality ingredients. While not all our ingredients can be sourced locally, we still believe it’s important to do as much as we can.

Simplicity as Mother Nature intended it is the essence of raw awesome goodness.

We like to believe we make sweets that contribute to your overall health and the community’s overall well being. For that reason we support family farmers and value driven partners.

Every time you support our business, you support all the amazing Australian businesses in our supply chain.